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Release Date:
Rating: 6.5
Directed by
Ol Parker
Written by
Ol Parker, Daniel Pipski
Based on
Cintya Dharmayanti, Ifa Barry, Agung Pindha, Ilma Nurfauziah, Dorian Djoudi, Lucas Bravo, Romy Poulier, Geneviève Lemon, Francis McMahon, Maxime Bouttier, Charles Allen, Kaitlyn Dever, George Clooney, Sean Lynch, Julia Roberts, Arielle Carver-O'Neill, Ling Cooper Tang
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Universal Pictures, Working Title Films, Smokehouse Pictures
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

'Ticket to Paradise' Julia and George have just released Ticket to Paradise, a romantic comedy in which they play two divorcees who try to prevent their daughter from getting married. This film, one more in their list of projects together, reaffirms that they are one of the favorite dumbbells on the big screen. As part of the promotion of this film, the actors were interviewed by Alan Tacher for Despierta América (Univision).

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Ticket to Paradise will be released in most theaters across the U.S. and U.K. on October 14. The physical attractiveness of Brad Pitt is something that no one can deny, for a reason he remains at the head of the list of most sought-after leading men in Hollywood. The charm of this actor has not only captivated the public -mainly female-, but also his colleagues. Julia Roberts, considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry, has just confirmed: Brad is in her top men. This confession has not come alone, but along with a nice reaction from another of the favorites of American cinema: George Clooney.

The talk of the Mexican driver and the American stars became very funny. Initially, the Pretty Woman star snubbed her colleague for her outfit. George, we have some questions, he commented, and Clooney replied sympathetically referring to the interviewer: Why didn't I wear a blue suit like him?. And it is that while the actress wore an elegant pink outfit, and Alan a blue suit, the American actor simply opted for a polo shirt and jeans. Yes! Roberts said.

That the romantic comedy fell from its glory was not an event without consequences for the industry, one of them was the loss of movie stars, who nurtured their careers from participating in films of this type. So how to bring the romantic comedy back to the movies if there are no movie stars anymore? Well, bring back two of the greatest. Julia Roberts and George Clooney star in Passage to Paradise, which hits theaters in Mexico this weekend. That is why it has been relegated to streaming premieres, where it simply has not flourished properly.

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October At one point in the conversation, Alan asked Julia: Apart from your husband (Daniel Moder), who is the sexiest man in the world? The actress did not hesitate for a moment and replied: Brad Pitt”. This response apparently disappointed Clooney, for as soon as he gave it he made a sympathetic face and bowed his head. I'm sitting here, protested the actor. Oh!” she said noticing her friend's reaction. I'm sorry, George Clooney, she said, correcting her response, before bursting out laughing in complicity with the actor.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts, two of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, collaborated again but this time for a romantic movie. The film Ticket to Paradise was recently released, in which they play a divorced couple, two characters that, they assured, cost them a lot of work to do, since they have been great friends for many years. Also, the moment they kissed for one scene was made even more awkward because Clooney's wife and children were on set.

In an interview with Hoda Kotb for the Today program, the two actors sat down to talk about their anecdote in this new project together and commented that the kiss scene was actually the one that required the most time. They even joked that it took them about six months to perfect it because they didn't want to kiss. It was strange to them.

Clooney was later asked about how awkward it was to kiss his best friend. And he replied that it was pretty weird, especially since his wife, lawyer Amal Clooney, and her two children, five-year-old twins Alexander and Ella, were right on the same set.

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Fortunately for both, the children did not witness the act, since Roberts arranged for them to be removed from the scene when that would happen. And it is that to his bad luck, George's family visited him on the set just the day they would kiss. Although it is part of his job, it was uncomfortable for everyone because they know each other too much.

Roberts' family didn't show up on set that day, so the awkwardness eased a bit. And it is that, according to what she herself said for The New York Times, during the filming she was away from her loved ones and the Clooneys saved her from loneliness and despair. We were in a bubble and it's the longest time I've been away from my family, she revealed.

On the other hand, the actress added to the same medium the reason why she had not been seen in a romantic comedy for quite some time: People sometimes misunderstand the amount of time that has passed without doing a romantic comedy. But all it took is a special script and the right person. Even with (Ticket to Pardise), I thought, well, disaster because this only works if it's George Clooney. Lo and behold, George felt that he only worked with me. Somehow we both could and did do it.

Passage to Paradise is a run-of-the-mill romcom, sticking somewhat to modern sensibilities while keeping the genre's early 2000s vibe. It is not an entirely superficial Ticket to Paradise, but before talking to us about some important topic or wanting to give us a little life lesson, its intention is that people have a good time at the cinema.

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But it's so generic that it really wouldn't work as well if it wasn't for Clooney and Roberts. The humor would have no effect if it weren't for the chemistry between these actors, it's not so much about the joke itself, but about how it's delivered and this duo has so much charisma, alone and together, that anything they say will seem funny if they want it that way. And the romance of course would not feel that strong, plus it starts as an intense hatred that gradually dissipates. It could be said that they only act for themselves, but they like each other so well that we believe them anything.

One only has to look for a moment at the young couple played by Kaitlyn Dever and Maxime Bouttier, who act well, but do not have that same level of dynamism or grace to realize how important it is to have movie stars. It may be because the film requires it, but the truth is that it is remarkable that these actors do not have that presence that is needed to be a star, although being one would not make them better actors either.

All this is not to say that without Roberts and Clooney, A Passage to Paradise would not be good, it could continue to be funny and enjoyable, however it is the work of these actors that separates it from the rest. If it weren't for them, it could have been sentenced to the abyss of streaming content. So the best thing is to go see this movie at the cinema, you don't need a great show to enjoy a big screen, what matters is the experience. Passage to Paradise is a reminder of what we had and how we can bring it back, even with some improvements.

Ticket to Paradise will be released simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock

It has been Jaime Rosales himself who has been in charge of announcing that, with Wild Sunflowers, his seventh feature, he intends to turn his cinema around to soften its forms and narrative, which are generally quite rigorous, in search of broader audiences. Also that this new film aims to be a study of masculinity from the female perspective.

It would seem that the filmmaker joins the official agenda of denouncing certain sexist behaviors in the patriarchal society at the same time that, to tell it, he detaches himself from devices so iron that they condition the transparency or the punch of the story.

We can understand it as surrender or as a legitimate gesture of change, but the truth is that his film is seen at times with the same distance or height over his characters as other previous ones, that tragic Petra without going any further.

No matter how hard she tries, Rosales finds it difficult to empathize with her creatures, to be with them, to really stick to her class, their bodies, their gaze and their problems, which are here all that can be derived from a strong and determined female character in adversity in the face of men who, in their three variations, from Barcelona to Melilla, represent violence or mistreatment, irresponsibility and immaturity or, ultimately, cowardice redirected into revelation.

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Ticket to Paradise one of the fashionable books is Water and soap. Notes on involuntary elegance (Anagrama, 2022). The last sentence of the book, with which he rounds off a list of other places he would like to be right now, is: Anywhere, just for the pleasure of coming home. Practically, it is the same phrase with which the movie Cinco lobitos ends: We are going home now. It's not by chance. Marta D. Riezu's book has an undoubted family resemblance with those books and movies that combine memories, family life, defense of common sense, nostalgia and vindication of roots, and that are drawing the attention of the Spanish public in recent times. It would be interesting to draw a parallel with Feria de Ana Iris Simón.

What has been a coincidence is that I have read it at the same time as an old manual of good manners entitled Modern Distinction and Etiquette (1943) by José Sánchez Moreno. In this way it has become clear to me that, in addition to a fragmentary training diary, and a defense of family attachment and roots, Water and Soap is also, as the subtitle says, some Notes on involuntary elegance. If Sánchez Moreno's manual did not mediate, we could overlook that we are facing a book about knowing how to be.

Deeply interesting because now, when we need them more than ever, good manners are no longer stable rules like decrees. They can only be presented in society as this book does: as subjective and personalized decisions that have at the same time the firm ground of some basic principles (respect for others, taste for what is well done, concern for not falling for the easy thing and fun for giving it corner to the tawdry) and with a point of clean whim. Marta D. Riazu materializes this through a constant pleasure in enumerations and samples, where she risks personal judgments.

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Ticket to Paradise she does not want to impose her taste on the reader almost never, but to expose her catalogue. That is why the connection between elegance and memories works so well, going through the personal anecdote and that of others, especially assumed. Quotes from others abound, but personalized by admiration and emulation.

The reader lives a fundamentally hedonic experience. She celebrates when Riazu praises things that he also likes, like me throwing orange peels into the fireplace. She convinces us of inelegance that, oh, we perpetrated without realizing it, like suitcases on wheels (trolleys) that make a frightening noise. After reading the book, especially shrill. And other times she doesn't manage to infect us with her likes or dislikes.

But she doesn't worry about disagreeing with the author, because she doesn't pretend to be a Petronia, arbiter of elegance. She comes to tell her story and it's up to us whether we accept it or not. As she does it with a pleasant prose, we always enjoy it. For example, this phrase to culminate a memory of early youth that is a micropoem.

Ticket to Paradise is now available in theaters and streaming.

Because there are photos of all that, otherwise I would say I dreamed it. But her prose also knows how to be lethal: «The multicultural with an unprecedented ability to transform the best into the worst based on diminutives: the flamenquito, the rumba, the porrito. I stopped going out at night just in time. When one begins to quote Water and soap, he doesn't stop. So here I continue with more highlights of mine.

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Halloween is a tradition that is celebrated on the night of October 31 and is very popular in the United States, and in more and more countries thanks to the large number of series and movies in which it has always been shown. Although there people usually dress up as any character, the truth is that it is a night in which they are especially invited to dress up as characters related to terror.

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Santiago Niño-Becerra is a well-known economist who in recent months has been in the news for his catastrophic forecasts. For example, this is how he anticipated the closure of up to 75% of bars and restaurants after the end of the summer season: a large part of the population does not think about what will happen in three months. Ticket to Paradise We are facing the last summer, like the movie.

Now, this economist and professor is making headlines again for a tweet in which he comments on the new rise in fuel prices caused by OPEC's snip, thus adding pressure on a CPI that had begun to fall, and that could going back up over the next few months.

Yes, but that's how 'Ticket to Paradise' works. Given the expectation of lower future demand (crude oil is quoted in the future), producers reduce their placement on the market to continue earning the same, and if the dollar appreciates, the better. , writes Santiago Niño-Becerra on his Twitter profile, in a message that will not go unnoticed just as his previous catastrophic forecasts did not.

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